Crystals explained


Hermatite is a silvery looking stone

It is believed to absorb non-beneficial stones

This is another great calming stone

elps calms emotieons

ids in removing unwanted situations

Good stone for treatment of diseases of the blood and the dirculatory system.

This stone can help when changes are in oreder

this stone has a gift of sending any negative energies back to its sender, highly protective stone.


Orgone is usually 50 % natural minerals and 50% synthetic materials.

In the therory of wilhelm Teich a supposed sexual energy of life force distributed throughout the universe that can be collected and stored ( in an orgone boox) for therapeutic use. 

Orgone divices are great to have in your home and to carry along with you.

You can also buy or make your own orgone pendulum.

See Wikipedia for more about Orgone. 


Pyrite hs been believed to help attract money to its wearer .

Helps enhance mental abilities

Protects physically, mentally and emotionally

One of the best grounding stones 

Helps shield from non-beneficial energies

Supports circulatory system and clears oxygen in the blood.

Can also be used aginst depression.

It is also a protecion stone.

This stone also enhances dreams and aids in channeling abilities.

It is said to increase fertility and balance sexual energier.

Great stone for meditation.

Also strengthens the pancreases, the adrenal glands and the kidneys.

This stone is mildly sedative and can help with depression.

Can help reveal true purpose. 

Smoky Quartz:

Smoky Quartz corresponds to the root chakra the first, the nave  the second chakra and the solar plexus the third chakra.

This stone can help dissolve emotional blockages.

Can clear the mind, achieve cooperation and bring greater joy in living

Can assist in helping you be attentive and in the moment.


this stone promotes creativity

Supports spontaneity

Grat for relationship issues

Also helps with memory

Provides happy dreams

Supports changes.


Facilitating advancement, foresight and re-birth, 

emotional balance

Ruby Kyanite:

Ruby has always been a symbol describing royalty and cham ( to achieve attractiveness.

This stone can help increase vitality and sexuality.

Can also help in renewing energy

Creates ambition and promotes courage

Helps in retaining life force.

Protects against sorrow and distress

Also a stone of nurturing.

Stone for attaining values, and wisdom

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